Author Topic: God 'will not give happy ending'  (Read 400 times)


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Re: God 'will not give happy ending'
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there just sayin that so when shit does happen and god doesnt save them and proves there is no god that they will say o there is a god but we told u he wouldnt save u. ibeilive in a higher power but not necessarily the whole christian out look.

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Re: God 'will not give happy ending'
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Organized religion is by and large devisive, and for that, it's wrong.

God is real though.  All the other stuff I wouldn't worry about.

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Re: God 'will not give happy ending'
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EARTH: In the last 30 years, Earth’s icecaps have thinned out by as much as 40 percent. Quite inexplicably, just since 1997 the structure of the Earth has shifted from being slightly more egg-shaped, or elongated at the poles, to more pumpkin-shaped, or flattened at the poles. No one at NASA has even bothered to try to explain this yet. Link to full article at NASA -

Dude, the Earth has always been flatter at the poles because of it's rotation; it's never been egg-shaped.