Author Topic: CREDITS: J Steez presents Return of The West (Part 1 of 3) (VA)  (Read 295 times)


1. Intro "Arrival" Real Fly (feat. G. Malone, Saint Patrick & Sly Boogy)
2. Tha One (feat. Problem)
3. Hell On Earth (feat. 40 Glocc & Lil Toot)
4. Money On My Mind (feat. Kartoon)
5. I Kaint Tell (feat. Jay 211 & Jay Rock)
6. Sumpin In Tha Water (feat. Ill Lit & Tash)
7. Lap Dance (feat. Shade Sheist,.N.U.N.E. & Xl Middleton)
8. Just Like That (feat. G. Malone, Mykestro, Quiz & Skriv)
9. Kiss & Tell (feat. Young Brown, Tiana & Westside Bugg)
10. Pushin Keys (Instrumental)

All tracks produced by J Steez