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Re: The TOT fell off hard
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most of the 'conspiracy' threads aren't that crazy i certainly don't think there's anyone pushing the lizard agenda too hard. and for a lot of people if your not a goverment apologist to some degree your automatically a conspiracy theorist. its not so black and white.


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Re: The TOT fell off hard
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ORRRRRRRRR we could make a thread and talk about all the cool threads we could start....oh wait


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Re: The TOT fell off hard
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If you have a life you really wouldn't hold expectations of this site or any of the posters. 

KA-BLOW! Subliminal diss in all directions....

aww kain... I thought we where homies.

Who will Reptilian Shape-Shifting Click morph into next and sabotage their e-relationships?  Beware! Nobody is safe....

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Re: The TOT fell off hard
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"been fell off like Yung Berg on the scooter"

the site as a whole takes that L


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Re: The TOT fell off hard
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IDk I like to hear about peoples ideas, even if I find them crazy.  If you find them crazy say why...discuss...thats a positive action.  There are definitely some strange ideas out there, but then again it has been proves the U.S. govt. and others have done some sneaky shit.  I was reading alot about Waco and ruby ridge yesterday, and while there are some really different stories, there is a truth somewhere in between.  So for me you gotta listen to the crazy ideas to help balance the prospective.

Waco was unbelievable.  The story we got in the media painted David Koresh as an anarchist occultist kook that said he was the 2nd coming...pathetic.

Check this:

<a href=";feature=PlayList&amp;p=DBCC7E77EAD2F2DC&amp;index=0&amp;playnext=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;feature=PlayList&amp;p=DBCC7E77EAD2F2DC&amp;index=0&amp;playnext=1</a>

<a href=";feature=PlayList&amp;p=DBCC7E77EAD2F2DC&amp;index=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;feature=PlayList&amp;p=DBCC7E77EAD2F2DC&amp;index=1</a>

<a href=";feature=PlayList&amp;p=DBCC7E77EAD2F2DC&amp;index=2" target="_blank" class="new_win">;feature=PlayList&amp;p=DBCC7E77EAD2F2DC&amp;index=2</a>

Go here for more:

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