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CREDITS: Playboy Tre - Liquor Store Mascot
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*official mixtape*

1. Street Opera (Intro)
Produced by Bobby Ray a.k.a. B.o.B

2. Liquor Store Mascot
Produced by Phantom

3. Making Moves (Skit)

4. Living In The Bottle feat. Bohagon & Gil Scott
Produced by Phantom

5. Everybody Lookin' 4 Something
Produced by FURY

6. We Are The Robots feat. B.o.B
Produced by Babyboi Productions

7. Wild (Skit)

8. Breakin' News feat. Subject 2 Change
Produced by Honorable C-Note

9. Blaxploitation
Produced by Honorable C-Note

10. I Ain't Running feat. Blaze & Moss B
Produced by Phantom

11. Drop The Interlude (Skit)

12. 100 Billion & 1 Rappers (Intermission Break)
Produced by Ishereal

13. Moving Dem Keys
Produced by Ishereal

14. Remember Me
Produced by BRL Productions

15. Sideways feat. Karissa

16. Oh My Lord Freestyle feat. Homebwoi
Produced by Fury

17. If This World Was Mine

18. Life Get's Harder feat. Born Wit It

19. Beautiful Day (Skit)

20. One of These Mornings
Produced by Phantom

21. Before I Go feat. Gutta G
Produced by Gutta G

22. Bleachers (Bonus Track)