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Minister Ben's outreach efforts were complimented by similar leg work done in Los Angeles. Here, there was an attempt hook up with key individuals, organizations and Hip Hop activists who have been on the front line forging gang truces, quelling Black/Latino racial tensions and working with wayward youths. Individuals like former gang leader Michael Conception who was responsible for the 'We're All In The Same Gang' project along with LA NOI Minister Tony Muhammed were key figures who help gather up the troops. Outlets like The LA Bridge Program, Safe Passages Workers, and Youth Fair Chance rolled through with key cats like Mad Bone, Petey Wax, Cat, Stutterbox, Hilly, Tray Dee of the Eastsidaz and Malik Stillman to name a few. Also present were Hip Hop activists from Kansas City who had been responsible for helping forging gang truces in that area.

OG Bone who works with Hip Hop artist Mystikal noted that many of the people present from the LA area including Tray Dee were known more for their being involved and dealing with the gang situation then they were for their work in the music arena. Their presence at the Hip Hop Summit was important because you had once warring gang factions all sitting together in unison in the Four Seasons Hotel. It was great just seeing all the Hip Hop activist both from LA and the Bay all in one place. Simply put it was a beautiful thing.

The fourth wheel set in motion that really caught everyone's attention was a highly anticipated meeting of the minds between former business partners Suge Knight and Dr. Dre. When early discussions of a West Coast Summit first ensued, there were efforts to reach out to Dre to have him heavily involved. In fact the initial dates for the West Coast Summit which was scheduled several months back were scraped to accommodate Dre's schedule. Once things got reconfirmed Dre's participation was highlighted front and center.

Over the past couple of weeks, efforts to reach out to Suge Knight were made. The end result was him agreeing to attend the summit and share opening remarks with both Dr. Dre and comedian/radio personality Steve Harvey. When I first got wind of this, I like many others was a bit surprised. After all, Suge has been doing a lot of press lately and had not held back on making unsavory remarks about Dr. Dre. But if there was any place where the hatchet could be buried it would be at the Hip Hop Summit behind closed doors. Many including myself were hopeful...

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