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CREDITS: Jimmie Hoffa - State of Emergency
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*official mixtape*

1. Superstar Jay (Intro)

2. The Warning
Produced by The Silent Partner

3. Big Mike (Interlude)

4. State of Emergency
Produced By 93 P.

5. In The Sky
Produced By 93 P.

6. Three Chains of Gold
Produced By DJ Noe

7. You Gotta Feel This
Produced By 93 P.

8. We Movin feat. Murda Mook & Armageddon
Produced By Vanderslice

9. Shorties Story
Produced By Vanderslice

10. Untouchable feat. Lingo, Sev-One & Rhyminal
Produced By DJ Premier

11. Superstar Jay (Interlude)

12. The War Within Me
Produced By Kamtastik

13. Fast Life feat. Rocka Boy
Produced By Carlitos & Vinny of Atlantic Records

14. Neighborhood Superstar
Produced By Mad Skrews

15. And I Know
Produced By 93 P.

16. Your Song feat. Akon
Produced By Konvict

17. On Some Fly Shit
Produced by Stim of G.O.O.D. Music

18. Yall Ain't Ready
Produced by Stim of G.O.O.D. Music

19. Call Me
Produced By 93 P.

20. Superstar Jay (Outro)

Bonus tracks:
21. Stupid Money feat. Young Buck & Clientel

22. On My Grind (Remix) feat. DJ Capcom, Geolant, Mac Miller, Rocka Money, C-Money & Truth
Produced DJ Capcom