Author Topic: [ 81M] Mista_Grim_F_Warren_G_Nate_Dogg-Indo_Smoke-VHS-SVCD-1993-d3stiny-UVZ  (Read 180 times)


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/msg UVZ-B025 xdcc send #3



Don Seer

yeah nima told me yest, cool vid.

that shit where he takes a puff and floats up is funny as hell.

Nate looks like he wanna be Tone Loc!! haha

Nima -

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Nate looks like he wanna be Tone Loc!! haha


Young Dan Iza

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damn i never knew they made a video 4 dat shit, im gettin it right now,,,props 2 lbc 4 hookin us up


Thank you for the info


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Is Dre in that video? I thought I saw him right next to the pool in black clothes...

ManiD aka DaZ199

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yeah thats him
i also saw snoop/daz/kurupt


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tight vid, thanks for the hookup

man daz and kurupt are young as fuck in this video


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whoa!!! i remember this video from way back...i used to watch it on a cable access channel that would show uncut rap videos...they used to play this all the time...and they would play a bootlegg ass Masta Ace "Inc Ride" video where they all in a strip club wit all these hoes all over em...shit was raw...thanks homie for bringin back memories


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shit were is this at mIRC i cant find it

even though itl take like a day 2 download its worth it 4 this song cuz i luv that song