Author Topic: Happy Birthday Biggie Mixtape Hosted By Whoo Kid (Produced by Dready Beats)  (Read 286 times)



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why does it look like biggie has lipstick on
Quote from: Now_I_Know on September 10, 2001, 04:19:36 PM
This guy aint no crip, and I'm 100% sure on that because he doesn't type like a crip, I know crips, and that fool is not a crip.

"I went from being homeless strung out on Dust to an 8 bedroom estate signed 2 1 of my fav rappers... Pump it up jokes can't hurt me."-- Mr. Joey Buddens


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Is this worth downloading or is whoo kid ruining Biggies legacy?


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Whoo Kid had little to do with it except dropping his annoying tags. This was put togehter by Busta and Dready. It's pretty nice, Dready got talent.


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yea dready is a good producer, maybe I'll download it there must be some nice beats.


well worth bumping 8)


some re-used beats on the tape? that ten crack commandments instrumental was rapped on by bishop n co. already


i think that's the only one...


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I'm checking in on this tape right now.. pretty dope.. except for Whoo Kid & his awful Tarzan yells  :-\

Halfway trough.. March 9 is my joint.

Dready is a dope producer.

Big B

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why does it look like biggie has lipstick on
doesnt it always look that way?