Author Topic: Am I the only one that grew up on rap  (Read 877 times)


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Re: Am I the only one that grew up on rap
« Reply #45 on: June 10, 2009, 12:06:22 PM »
First, off rap started off about having a good time.  All this dance music is about that so I don't understand why everyone critiques it like it ain't hip-hop.  Go do some minor research about Kool Herc and such.  I hate when people act like simplistic rhyme schemes are not hip-hop.  It is hip-hop, it's not the most advance form but it still is.

Secondly, the MC is more appropriate term for a rapper's live approach as in if they're dope live they deserve to be called an MC.  Why did I bring this up?  I'm not sure.  Rappers still doing it.

Third, all music genres go "stale" as in the age and the og consumers age.  Most of you just were able to experience this one supposedly going "stale."  Basically, you got older, done heard this shit before and are now looking for something "fresh."  New people are created daily so naturally the genre adopts to the new audience.  Get over yourselves.  Bump what you grew up if you don't like the new shit.  No reason to take a shit on the whole genre.

Fourth, in my opinion, with the power of the internet it's no longer hard to find quality rap.

good post  :)

yeah i'm not into the "complaining for the sake of it" either.
move on.