Author Topic: Lyric's 2 ZIGIDY's -'FRUITTIE lika SMOOTH E!! READ dis shit, He CLOW't SMOOV  (Read 68 times)


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  • "YAY SoME GaMe", 5050 Recordz homie!!
Zigidy – 50.50 Records - Internet Release Only
Fruittie Lika Smooth E

Real fake Records homie
Rap Enterin Anotha Level
More like Rap Enterin A LIE
Your whole rap career is based on a FEATURED ARTIST
Whats going to happen when
them artist don’t wanna feature No more man????????..

Zigidy – Verse #1

Hey Sebasta - BITCH ‘who me’  you ain’t that groovy
You dance hella fruittie suck mo dick then a groupie
‘lose me’ I should have done from the start
but my potna young Morgan’s the only reason I didn’t pull your card
Dook E - Fruittie lika smoothie
R. to tha E. A. L. wish you you could be
Im from the Rose where they’ll leave your whole show bluddie
We got folks, potna’s, cutto’s “only tha ‘V’ got a cuddie’s”
How much you PAY$ ? to use the crest side vocabulary
When you call a hoe a hutch - ‘im sure the price very
You on parole not because you did some G shit???
You taste dick on your girls tounge and Hit tha bitch
Im a playa homie neva would I choke a HOE
You a bitch and im here to pull your Hoe Card!
S.P.Laya tell this FAKA don’t act hard (you aint Savage)


Oh’ its you Smoov didn’t even recognize  ya homie
Heard ya dropped another album streets say it sound fonie
And tha Laya really aint relatin wit it
Waisted 15 dolla’s and couldn’t refund it
Now that’s some brown bagging shit, non-Savage shit
Breakin even everytime you dropp type of shit
Slow E, Slowly losin creditbility
4 months 2000 slammin Young Zigidy
I keep it street C.U.double T. O.
YOU switch over and get your hood pass revoked
not long befor your lies get exposed
my girl LoLo’s the reason you a NO show
to a 5050 Record venue  at Clo’s
You Andre Nickatina DICK ridin ass lil Hoe
I Heard the lil folks be throwin you in choke hold
Follow your music di your hair you fuckin weirdo
One love to Excessive out in Ses pol
Another shot to Post Man and Pat Rich too
I’ll throw my 5050 elbows get murf’d
You can find me in the ROSE boy West Turf!!!
West Turf!!

Bitch I thought you KNEW
Bitch I really thought you knew
Imatater thought you knew
Imatater really thought you knew
Faker thought you knew
Faker really thought you knew
Sell a Gimmick thought you knew
Sell a gimmick really thought you knew
Someone lied to you  told you that your GAME was Smooth

Zigidy #2 Verse!

Lets see Dre Dog dropped 3 L.P.’z
Came with different music and swapped his Identity
He had an album cover drawn up
Around the some time didn’t you have to do the same ‘WUT’
You had to have the same artist (????)
That did tears of a clown so the public can relate it!
E false advertised ‘it should say
Fruttie lika smoothie title dept consolidate!
I heard the word X Rated in the pin pist!
He wasn’t knowin that he rappin on some sucka shit
Whats you expect killa its savage
as fuck at Analy (High School in Sebastapol)
Bitchs wit crabs - cutting class that’s a savage day!
You ain’t a G a Gangsta or a Giggilo
I ain’t impress’d wit your flat chest smelly hoe
See im a dog and I dog my broads
A giggilo don’t get a hoe – she diss so ya break her jaw??
I think your fans need to know - No mistaking
They can feature all the same artist if they paying
Are you jokin - house courtesy smoking
Free dank free drank studio tokens
If I didn’t own my own plush studio
Like Nickatina I would kick it with your ass too
Smoov E fans don’t get it twisted
Everybody on his album is paid or don’t spit shit
They don’t kick it with the faggot cuz he rap good
They all know he’d get bitch slapped in the hood
he sold a gimmick - portraits of big names
BIGGA portraits even of him self man
Check his web site Fruit E dot com
When the biggest pix AIN’T chyou something wrong
You can’t be serious you aint foolin nobody
Thick bitch album cover skinny bitch at the party
How does it feel every FAN got LEASED to ya
They self Title me dope shit please to a
I lace where you lack macking aint shit to me
I see you at Buffalo you a bitch to me
Only Sucka that I know round hoes nervous
On the weekend community service!
Fuck tha bullshit You giving north a bad name
Im pullin sucka’s cards you – you a sucka man
Ya sell a gimmick your whole career a gimmick
I know ya fear it but your fans had to hear it!!!!
Upmost Respect to Andre Nickatina and the whole Crest Side
Thers a difference E. to tha L. to tha I.
Na - L to tha I. To tha E.
Theres a difference Between Influence and IMATATING