Author Topic: a special 3 hour show about Tech N9ne + Exclusive interview on the Israeli Radio  (Read 41 times)


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yup, you read it right.
i'm a co-host on a radio show called "Black Sheep", and we just LOVE Tech Over there (both of us been fans since AngHellic).
so we decided to give Tech's people a call and try get an interview with the man, the said "yes" and we made the call...
we expected him to give us a ten minute interview at best (it was a few days after the "paid dues" fest), but he sat and talked to us FOR OVER AN HOUR!

several topics that were covered:
how Strange Music started
producers he wants to work with (we are trying to hook it up, seriously)
the Keisha Cole & Rakim Incident
the L.A. Times dissing his performance
of course - his Top 5 Dead or Alive

and much more...

the interview (at least most of it) will be broadcasted as part of a 3 HOUR special show about Tech and his music.

the show will be in Hebrew, but the interview (and the music, of course) - is in English, so you'll be able to understand most of it.

today! Tuesday, June 23th on
at 3PM Israel time (do the calculations relating to where u r right now by yourself ;)
almost 2 HOURS FROM NOW!
just go in and press play on the top right corner

here's the facebook page:

i hope you'll enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed making it.
and if you can - spread the word to all the Technicians u know

Nati Hassid