Author Topic: CREDITS: Wreckonize (of ˇMayday!) - The Runaround Sessions  (Read 320 times)


*unreleased 2006 mixtape*

1. Long Time Running (Feat. Shonie) (Prod. By Plex Luthor)
2. Flashback (Prod. by K-Salaam & Beatnick)
3. Who’s The Man (Prod. by Dj Spinna)
4. Troublemakers (Feat. Bernbiz) (Prod. by K-Salaam & Beatnick)
5. How Come (Feat. Vinia Mojica) (Prod. by Malik Raife)
6. Win The Game (Feat. Mayday) (Prod. by Dj Sharpsound)
7. Miss U (Prod by Ty Fyffe)
8. Hand 2 Hand Combat (Prod. by Dj Sharpsound)
9. The Bond (Prod. by Reef)
10. Bizness As Usual (Feat. Ras Kass) (Prod. by JR)
11. Murderer (Prod. by Blockhead)
12. Afterlife (Prod. by Plex Luthor)
13. You Oughta Know (Feat. Bernbiz,Ryan Evans, & NVS Styles)
(Prod. by Bernbiz)
14. It’s Over (Prod. by Emile)
15. The First Steps (Original Intro) (Prod. by Jake One)
16. The Cold Hard Truth (Prod. by Streetrunner)
17. Seinfeld Syndrome (Prod. by Wajeed)