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Assailants up in this this
« on: October 03, 2002, 11:11:39 AM »
[Immitating News Reporter - Gareefa]
[Immitating M-Dogg - Infamous]

(Interview conducted on 28-09-02)

Gareefa: So, what do you think about the depature of Indecisive
Infamous: Yeah man.. Feels sad to see him go.. but at the end of the day he was wack anyway
Gareefa: What do you think about him ready to join DA?
Infamous: Well I never knew about that.. But i supoze its cool
Gareefa: And the shit with Tinman and the PM's?
Infamous: I trust Indecisive.. He shouldnt have let gareefa read them.. but its kool
Gareefa: What about Cloud 9? You scared they gonna take the throne?
Infamous: Well.. Yeah.. im shit scared of DA too. We were only on top cuz there werent no otha crews
Gareefa: Why did you make them comments about tone bein able to take on DA if you are scared
Infamous: I wanted to diss them.. Cause i cant rhyme.. So dissin them out of rhymin was my best move.
Gareefa:What makes ya think you won the beef
Infamous:I Never,i just said that
Gareefa: Thanx for your time man.. Hope we can talk again soon.. peace
Infamous: Yeah, peace man.

Gareefa: Thats all from the interview with M-Dogg, comming up we have exclusive
news on Mak winning the Middleweight title and the newest member of the DA - grew will
be ripping you bitch made faggots but up next Proper Propaganda (echo)


yo watch me switch this shit up, readin indy's PM's bitched this shit up/
dont want Tinman anymore, and this shit is still as dead as ever/
its like an eternal sleep but ima never ever let my tie wit the DA sever/
see i gotta brain i'm clever cuz I-Bo might be movin from Elite foreva/
Tone's so fuckin high he's on cloud nine, but shits jus vapour in the sky/
waitin to see the crew's lineup coz all the dope emcees are taken up in here/
and the wack ones spit jibberish like they writin code Markup n im ready to embark up../
the road of the devious emcees, previous emcees like a hall-of-famer say our crew is weak/
well i take fuckers on any day of the week, cause for you monday is lookin bleak/
tuesday is when the winter kicks in and he takes the 'rap' for a chick's sin/
wednesday is my day of tricks and your misfortune cause i cover u in gas n torch you/
thursday, i'd like to call this 'hearse-day' this is where the black cars come n take u away/
friday - its time for the party, me, mak n logic gettin all high n shit/
any of y'all want beef? jus try this shit, and you so wack when you rhyme u be cryin shit/
before me & mak we're representin and people slept, so this is a big fuck u to W-C-C/
and im here presenting the bitch of the year award.. Can u c me?/
cause my style is somethin that the average emcee cant afford so they get ignored n hated on/
the best shit the crew dropped was that slient, invisible, sedated song/
i pass the mic quicker than i smoke the joint let mah homie Grew make his point/


M Dogg, who in the fuck do u think your ~killing with wackness~
one uppercut, i'll send you flying to the ~ceiling in backflips~
tell you the truth, no-one on WCC is ~feeling your crap spits~
cap ~peeling i practice~ so i'm ~sealing your casket~
your lyrics are a far fetch from ~appealing and drastic~
if i ever meet you, i promise for weeks u'll be ~feeling your ass kicked~
i'm a machine, tear the skin, your ~reveling the plastic~
you best run, cuz i know that ~retreating's your tactics~
..and quit sending me ~links to your disses~
thought you had, naw i ~think them just misses~
split ya skin open so ur waitin by the ~sink for them stitches~
then while you rush to the ER, i'll hit tha ~pink in your Misses~

~the Elite~
~gon meet~
~from heat~
~this beast~

~we'll eat~
~& feast~
~on piece~
~& piece~
~of geeks~
~that think~
~they're G's~

Tie-Bo best start dodgin bullets like the ~Matrix~ or ~take 6~
you ~hate this~ clique cuz we exposed that your a ~fake bitch~
i'd say your over-rated, but how do u ~overrate piss~  
spit like you mad, prolly cuz u got a ~overweight bitch~
my stance in the game is perminent, urs is only ~make-shift~
you may talk sum shit right now, but if u saw me, u wouldnt ~say shit~
man, i stand at 6 foot 4, which would make me that ~taller genious~
the only reason your *hard to beat* is cuz you *got a ~smaller penis*~


Damn toss me tha mic 4 a minute.....

didnt think i werent gunna have summat ta say.......

yo yo yo

infamous got clout~you a bitch that pouts~//
you think shit ended wit slaughterhouse ?[hahaha he stupid]
believe we aint cows so why you call it that~//
plus id like to state the fact~that shit was wack~//
Beat me?peep my stats~Infamous aka DA NOTORIOUS MACK [remember dat?]
whe you was on my nut sack~wanted me to rep elite~//
like what an "amazing feat"~we could have mack as the cruiser in our battle fleet~//
but ya roster was weak~so i joined K.I.N.G.S instead of yall~//
i was outta ya league like a prowrestler with a basketball~//
Elite bound to fall~i gurantee it~//
best believe if their a kru battle mack gunna be in on it~//
got ya scared to spit~fuck these scripts~//
we dun just beat slaughterhouse with the above skit~//
left ya suckin on pinks tit~after throwin a fit~//
cryin to pink like "mack said i aint built for this~//{hahahaha]
want pillow in the kru even ya kru disagree's~//
Fuck elite small and insignifacant just like flea's~//
get of ya knees~sorry m i got pink up in my home~//
and if she dont get out the fridge imma put the heat to her dome~//[hahahaha omg]

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Re: Assailants up in this this
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Re: Assailants up in this this
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Re: Assailants up in this this
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hum... we'll see what's up now
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Re: Assailants up in this this
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hum... we'll see what's up now

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Re:Assailants up in this this
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Grewsum spit was sic as fucking herpes
Oh shit, my jaw won't get off the floor