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Esham - Mail Dominance
« on: October 23, 2002, 09:45:26 AM »
Esham – Mail Dominance
1. We cummin’ for U…Evil sounding production.  Esham rips the track up with some dope lyrics.  4/5
2. Slow motion…Laidback, cruisin’- type track.  E’s vocals blend well with the provided beat.  The females vocals are perfect for the hook.  5/5
3. Outcha atmosphere…Strange, but bumpin’ beat.  Again Esham flows his ass off.  Chorus is very similar to Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic”.  5/5
4. E-mail…Probably the strangest production on the album, but it’s very evil sounding.  E slows up his delivery, fitting the song well.  Catchy hook.  TNT puts down a tight verse in the middle.  5/5
5. Reload…The track starts with old, classical music piano playing and those goes into a high-tempo beat per minute production.  E’s rapid flow matches the fast paced beat.   A short track.  4/5
6. Au revoir…Amazing production.  Esham spits his flow in more of a singing voice rather than rapping.  The chorus is exceptional.  Mastamind puts down a dope ass verse as well.  5/5
7. I’m lovin’ it…E displays top notch lyricism here.  Dope beat and good hook.  5/5
8. YouknowUcan’tride…Bangin’ ass production.  E comes with a dope ass rhyme to match the great beat.  4.5/5
9. King of hearts…This beat sounds like a mix of 80’s/symphany/hip-hop.  Tight ass flow throughout the track.  5/5
10.   Whoa…Probably the weirdest use of a sample I’ve ever heard.  Even the same chorus is used from the 50’s song by Ricky Nelson  “Dream”.  E’s dope ass flow somehow makes this song work.  4/5
11.   Obiest…A strange weed song.  Esham really changes up his delivery, flowing well, but preferring to deliver the verses in more of a singing fashion.  4/5
12.   Twirk yo body…Club song.  Good lyrics and decent beat.  Alright chorus.  3.5/5
13.   Night vision…Dark production.  Hella tight lines.  Great hook.  4/5
14.   Getthefugoutmyface…The track basically disses bitches.  The base of the production is simple, but it is accompanied with strange noises in the background.  4/5
15.   Ozonelayer…Two short verses by Esham puttin’ bitches down.  TNT appears for a short verse.  The hook is funny.  4/5
16.   ?…Musically, this track great because the production is different throughout.  E’s flow is different as well.  More of a rock-oriented song.  3/5
17.   Lightyearsaway…A very short track sampling the “Happy Days” theme song, feel good production.  Great lyrics talking about his hometown Detroit.  4/5
18.   California dreamin’…Great production which switches up to have a “tropical” feel.  Esham changes up his flow a bit.  4/5
19.   No more Mr. Nice Guy…Slow beat.  Esham rides it and spits a stop and go rhyme.  No real chorus, but it doesn’t really need it.  4/5
20.   Velveeta…Bumpin’ production and dope rhymes.  E is saying everybody ain’t shit to him.  4/5
21.   The rev….E speeds up and slows down his flow throughout the song.  Great production.  4/5
22.   Ah ha…The beat is annoying as hell.  The music changes up several times, but none of which are entertaining to listen to.  Esham doesn’t put much down here, but what he DOES put down is terrible.  1/5

Esham has a very different style compared to any other rapper.  He always comes with a different sound on each album and he does it again here.  Much of the production is strange, that only sounds right with Esham vocals.  It fits his style well and is top notch and different. Definitely not your average hip-hop album.


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Re: Esham - Mail Dominance
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2004, 03:29:35 PM »
It's A Ill Review!

Here's Mine:

At the peak of Esham's career,this is one of the more important & interesting albums of his 10+Yrs. of rappin.

1.Were cummin' for u-Nice way to start off an exceptional album.
2.Slow Motion-A real nice slow track w/ a woman singin',could be Zelah Williams ???,sounds kinda WCish.
3.Outcha Atmosphere-A strange track w/ intergalatic & robotic & liquid voices.Nice.
4.E-Mail-Average track w/TNT(member of NATAS)
5.Reload-Remember that Beetovin beat Capeton ripped?Esham gives new meaning to fast rappin with this one!Eceptional!
6.Au Revoir-Nice track,woman really kills It w/Mastamind,Esham,& TNT(NATAS)
7.I'm Lovin It-Cool track about lovin life.Amusing.
8.YouKnowUCan'tRide-Strange production,beat kinda twists and turns.
9.King Of Hearts-This song made me a bonifide 'Sham fan!One of the best songs he's ever done.
10.Whoa-One of various songs that sounds "old school".Nice nursery rhyme like song!
11.Obiest-Mr.Gannn Mann,Bring Me Somme Tr'eees....Ahhhahahahaha!
12.Twirk Yo Body-Ol school Detroit sounding song in the 70's perhaps!?!
13.Night Vision-Average production until the very end it has a very beautiful guitar riff!
14.Getthefugoutmyface-Average song about Esham saying the self explanatory subject matter.
15.Ozonelayer-I didn't really like this song,It's okay.
16.?-Hair metal at it's best!
17.Lightyearsaway-Rippin away the "Happy Days"beat.
18.California Dreamin'-Dreeamin',California Dreeeemin!Self-explanatory.
19.No More Mr.Nice Guy-Good song.
20.Velvetta-A follow up on a song on "Bruce Wayne 1987"(1997 Esham Tape/CD).Good Song!At the end however he talks about not using the style he had back in '97,very exceptional on that part of the song!
21.The Rev-Discussings about the world around him w/TNT in the background.good song.
22.Ah Ha-This silly obsure song is very amusing!Great Song!

The Last Werd:All in all,most people might not get into this when/If they bought this,however if your a diehard Esham fan or you wanna here something refreshing in terms of production(check:Organized Noize for ex.),thenm you will find a refershing album only Esham(or very few others!)can do!

Rating(not finished makin the reviewing system!)-Boomin'CD!
Feel free to add on

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Re: Esham - Mail Dominance
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outcha atmosphere is such a dope song


Re: Esham - Mail Dominance
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cracka j was a dope poster