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Re: The Top Internet GROUPIES...!!!
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I think he just proved my point

you gon always be my latin queen bitch

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Re: The Top Internet GROUPIES...!!!
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thats crazy tho, im listenin to c.i.a. right now, its str8 as if beastie boys is rappin (jus like you said)
but yeah i agree it wasnt til nwa came out wit it but even then still the nwa record sounds a lil like beastie and what they was doin
IMO it went gangsta a bit when cube did no vaseline, to me thats more gangsta (its actually both IMO)but that was more gangsta than say the nwa/ice-t

nah again good points
but even some on here agree nwa's sound, sounded more like what the beastie boys were creatin
im not sayin thats a bad thing, so if you take that away, your left wit above the law
yeah they might have branded into the "g-funk" but they still kept it gangsta where as nwa was soundin like a different coast
again others have agreed wit this, but of course they members on here, but still the sound speaks for itself also

(doing this in reserve so I can read it xD)
Nah Schoolly Dee got the Father (creator) Stamp, see his album was the first 1 to use I think the word gangsta in it. It had the elements of a gangsta rap album for that time. He came out before Ice - T (Ice T has stated this in several Interviews when he is sometimes given credit as the originator)

God Fathers = N.W.A and Ice T, Mainly because Ice - Ts influence came from his albums (notably the song 6 in the morning) he had early gangsta rap. N.W.A a course earned the title do to SOC which revolutionized the genre. Reason they are called the "God" Fathers is because their works in the genre has had a lasting impact even to this day.

 IMO N.W.A (With all the members) = the True God Fathers, and ICE - T = a help. Again that's my opinion, factually its what I stated above.

As for Above The Law, well since they came in 1990 (with SOC, ICE - T's songs and everything else) before it they sorta didn't get a chance to be included with in the revolution. They (along with other acts) did how ever help make West Coast more Popular (Eventually being brought to the peak with The Chronic).

Above The Law will probably gain notability by coining the term G-Funk (with other artist adding the spins for what the G Means). They named the new music Dr. Dre and they themselves have helped made. As such they are commonly given credit. As for the True creator is debatable. Since "Deep Cover" is said to be the First True G-Funk track, it would be Dr. Dre.

Now we got to remember NIGGA4LIFE tracks showed a very high production value (rivaling today's albums and usually beating).The track most commonly sited is Alwayz In To Something which is seen as The Closes Beta to a true G-Funk Track. Now since Dr. Dre did produce Above The Law's Debut its been debated who actually came up with it first.

Personally I believe this is how it happened: Both Above The Law and Dr. Dre created the sound, Above The Law created the basic Template, with Dr. Dre later using that templated adding his own thus creating the first true G-Funk record. Later Above The Law would name the new sound G-Funk as such, records before the naming would be called that.

aite but schoolly dee didnt make the or get the official GODFATHER OF GANGSTA RAP stamp
thats basically what im askin you, who you think is the godfather of gangsta rap
id say eazy >>>>schoolly dee, but then you mentioned nwa bein the real ones
so maybe nwa as a group vs eazy by himself
i mean aite above the law were considered more g-funk, but would you consider them gangsta rap?

aite some interestin points but do you think he was the godfather or is the godfather?
(vs others that could possibly take that tittle, if they could)

always wondered did a certain rapper or anyone give eazy that "tittle" lol

How come there¨¨s no Ruthless groupies in here?

Cause its never consider Dick Riding when you have Eazy E. lol I'm not sure why, I guess cause of how Tupac's Hyped up to the extent were people call him Black Jesus, and Eazy E is well just known as The God Father of Gangsta rap. lol

All of N.W.A Received that title after Straight Outta Compton. We just don't call the others them as much do them not dying yet. That was his legacy, 4 albums of pure gangsta shit. Goes like this

Ice Cube - Was the political guy, he tore the mother fucker down.

Dr. Dre - Was the Producer, who made G-Funk popular, and brought in artist who became legendary.

MC. Ren - The nigga who kept his style underground, and never sold out.

Eazy E - His own label (with N.W.A signed) reinvented gangsta rap with the SOC Album. He only did gangsta tracks, rarely speaking on his records about something deeper. He did some tracks with some political aspects, but the sub-text isn't huge.

DJ Yella - N.W.A's DJ, the sound behind ruthless, and is one of the original rappers that made going into the porn industry popular lol

Only reason we don't call the others is cause they still around and they didn't die at the peak of their game. They all still making records and furthering the legacy. Eazy E died of a sudden death by the worse way possible, and didn't expand outside his gangsta persona yet.

You mean Father of Gangsta Rap? Well that would be Schoolly Dee. His album is said to be the first gangsta rap album, then Ice-T came.

N.W.A = The God Fathers along with Ice - T (Though he didn't have as a HUGE impact, and was another stepping stone).

But who do I think is the god father? Well I'd have to say N.W.A in general, cause if you look into each members catalog you won't find a single bullshit album. Besides SOC, Nigga4life had amazing production for its time (The Chronic would set the definitive bar for what should be on a album). I mean their is a lot of Factors for the genre, but N.W.A obviously had the hugest impact because of the albums content and controversy.

They were influenced by Beasties, if you listen to the original C.I.A. record its exactly the style.It wasn't unti straight outta compton when the sound started to come in its own.
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Me and Mack 10 together again? I never say never, but he has the kiss the ring first.
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Re: The Top Internet GROUPIES...!!!
« Reply #127 on: July 19, 2009, 06:26:39 PM »
I think he just proved my point

i think ab normal just sharted in his diaper.

2euce 7even

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Re: The Top Internet GROUPIES...!!!
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I nominate king petey as my groupy
...and i nominate dre-day as my groupie (he´s just a groupie..all he wants is..) ;)


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Re: The Top Internet GROUPIES...!!!
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why is this thread in this section anyways.
this thread clearly belongs in the g-spot section


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Re: The Top Internet GROUPIES...!!!
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I nominate king petey as my groupy

i nominate ab normal for test tube baby of the year.