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Diss to GREWSUM + DA
« on: October 28, 2002, 12:34:28 PM »
Grewsum i got a battle with you right now so respond backSo i can bomb at//

 Make yourself useful get off the couch// Cuz next im gonna blast at yo momma's house//Fake that shit im not content till the doctors sayin we lost em// EVEN THEN
GREWSUM I GO TO YOUR WAKE AND BLAST AT YOUR COFFIN// this shit happens to often, phooney emmceez get the wrath of an assassin// Got my steel cocked back at the whole DA clique im blasting// My skillz surpassin, any thing that DA can spit// Cuz from God to Logic they nothing but tricks// Stuck on them shits, using that same played out slang// AInt no thang, my piece will bang,//
Leave you in a different vortex//
I'll pistol whip you and smash your cortex//
So fuck the bullshit im out//
We gonna beef again no doubt//