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Korn bassist Fieldy, his childhood pal Kit and I are gathered in a dark, smoky room near Fieldy’s Dana Point, California mansion. He calls the spot Club Weedhead–a glow-in-the-dark fun zone that looks like a HIGH TIMES adaptation of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, replete with paraphernalia, toys, graffiti from famous Korn pals and munchie dispensers.

The occasion is the imminent release of Fieldy’s solo album (under the moniker of "Fieldy’s Dreams"), the marijuana opus Rock N Roll Gangster. And even more surprising to many Kornuts, it’s a hip-hop album.

"I love playing Korn music, but I like listening to hip-hop more," Fieldy explains, grabbing a twisted, smoke-shaped glass bong. "Somebody said, ‘You sound like Eminem.’ But it’s just my voice. That’s how I talk."

Out of 17 songs, 15 gush with praise for getting high. For a guy who’s better known for alcohol binges, it’s a radical shift. "There was a time in my life when I felt without weed I would’ve lost my mind," he says, adding that he first tried pot two years ago when friends told him it would ease his stomach cramps.

"I have anxiety real bad," he explains. "C-Minus of Power 106 came over and we smoked two long, fat blunts the first time I got high. From then, I’ve smoked every day. It’s a cure-all for me."

The switch from rap-rock to hip-hop may be temporary, but Fieldy says he’d like to leave alcohol behind for pot. He points to Coors Light cans glued to Club Weedhead’s ceiling. "Those are retired," he says. "I’m trying to quit drinking. I hate alcohol. If I had to pick for my kids, I’d rather have them smoke weed than drink. People are like, ‘Oh my God, you’d want them to do drugs?’ But Coors Light is a drug. It wrecks my ass. I’ve cut back a lot. I was doing like 15 beers a night, and now I’m down to six or seven. I’m trying to eventually come down to where I’m just smoking weed."

Rock N Roll Gangster is a terrific start. From the first single, "Are You Talking to Me," a duet in which vocalist Helluva personifies weed (the video portrays the two inside a pipe) to the Cheech Marin cameo on the pot ode "You Saved Me (From Going Crazy)," it’s green fields forever.

"I can take naps now," Fieldy exhales. "That’s the coolest thing."

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