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I agree, i think it's being compared to the Civil rights movement for marketing reasons. It's easier to advertise your cause when there's a well-known, popular historical precedent that you can compare it to. In fact, Gay rights in the U.S. have come a really long way, and sometimes i think that the in-your-face homosexuality can be reactionary and come back in the form of aggression against the gay community. i have an example - in UCSB, where i went to University, there was a large gay student community, who were really active in student politics, local issues, etc. For one, I felt like a lot of the issues were centered around tolerance, where i think tolerance at UCSB was already at a very, very high level. Also, they had these campaigns when they would wear these flamboyant shirts that said "queer bomb" and walk around everywhere in them... that's pretty provocative, and I really don't see the point. Just be a human being, don't try to isolate yourself in a little group. What's really sad about this is that a lot of gay people, maybe because they feel marginalized or whatever, make their homosexuality the no.1 characteristic about themselves. When I think of my identity, my sexual orientation is definitely not at the top of the list, whereas i feel for a lot of gay people it's the most important label, especially for younger people. Maybe I'm wrong, i don't know. But as far as the movement goes, I definitely support people's right to do whatever they want, gay marriage, civil unions, or whatever, just don't make a spectacle out of it.

You're very right. But my feeling is that generally too much emphasis is put on sexuality nowadays. Whether gay or straight, people who define themselves through the most basic aspect a person has are low-lifes.
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