Author Topic: Snoop Dogg Resurrects Priority Records  (Read 1148 times)


Re: Snoop Dogg Resurrects Priority Records
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snoop is the worst person to put as  Creative Chairman come on snoop hasn't really put on except the eastsiderz all the years he's been in the game and the people he tried to put where are they now he just did it to make a quick buck all those artists are now back in the hood or none factors


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Re: Snoop Dogg Resurrects Priority Records
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the 213 album was good aswell tho.

the problem with snoop now is that he wants to take his music in a different direction from the westcoast style of music that everyone loves from snoop. thats atleast for his solo albums.

then,... if he releases artist's album under him, he wants to have his niggaracci production all over it, but snoop's beats are wack. some people just arent meant to be producers. maybe snoop could co-produce a song with a good producer like LT or sumthing, but he is not capable of making quality beats on his own.

once snoop goes back to his roots with real westcoast style music like the old days, and realises his beats are wack, and puts niggaracci to rest, and writes his own lyrics, then maybe i might be confident that he can make dope music again, and put out dope releases of artists under him.

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Re: Snoop Dogg Resurrects Priority Records
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I don't know if this has been posted yet but anyway, you can hear a record called "Gangsta Love" from "Malice In Wonderland" in the background.


sounds like a dope track
Guess who back in the motherfuckin house
With a fat dick for your motherfuckin mouth
Hoes recognize, niggaz do too
Cuz when bitches get skanless and pull a voodoo.....


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Re: Snoop Dogg Resurrects Priority Records
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What snoop needs to do is bring alll the dpg,daz,kurupt,soopafly,nate dogg and all the affiliate people like bad azz,techniec,crooked i,goldie loc,rbx etc etc and sign them all to priority and make it a powerhouse westcoast label.Time for snoop to step the fuck up and actuually be the legened and king he says he is and let his people shine.Wouldnt that be a dream come true?Bring all the new west on to the label as well and create thaty unity.
In a perfect world, we would get that but the reality is just because he's assigned a position doesn't mean they're giving him a blank check to bring his buddies over. The big misconception is that the major labels can just endorse artists and it's a new game in town. These labels throw tons of advertising dollars and music video money behind all these bleach-blonde high school jail bait singers and only two or three of them become the next Britney Spears or Hannah Montana. It's cool to think about what we'd do as fans but in reality, most of our plans would equal us getting let go pretty quickly.
And thats exactly why the record industry is in a state of fail.Record companies dont listen to the fans.They want instant stars and dont want to take the time to develop an artist.Nowadays if your first album flops,thats it,your done.Lil wayne didnt become a star over night.