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CREDITS: Sky 7th - Trouble On the Way
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*official mixtape*

1. Flows That I Try (prod. by: Real Cool Ethan)
2. Where Iím Going pt. 2 (ft. Lou Sleefe) (prod by: Dacypha)
3. Where I Ainít Been Down (prod. by: Real Cool Ethan )
4. Gun Talk (ft. Lou Sleef, Joulz IL, & Chanes) (prod. by: 5 Lyfe)
5. By Ya Side (prod. by: Vokab)
6. Time Capsule (prod. by: Thomax)
7. Make It Right (ft. Corneil Hart) (prod. by: Anno Domini)
8. Deceived (ft. Big J & Lou Sleefe) (prod. by: Avalanche)
9. The Real (prod. by: Vokab)
10. Right @ Home (prod. by: Thomax)
11. Trouble on the Way (prod. by: Dacypha)