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CREDITS: J-Skaytz - King of The World
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*official mixtape*

01. Intro

02. Lose (Feat. Will Guiest) (Prod. By Morpheus)

03. They Know (Feat. Jusme)

04. Feel Like Fire (Feat. T. Waters)

05. Winner (Prod. By Joe Black)

06. Skit 1

07. Throw It Up (Prod. By Morpheus)

08. Lollipop (Remix) (Feat. Lilí Wayne)

09. U Canít Have It (Prod. By Joe Black)

10. Skit 2

11. Music (Prod. By Joe Black)

12. Fly (Prod. By Morpheus)

13. Just Friends (Feat. Ayanna) (Prod. By Flash)

14. Iím A G (Feat. Jusme And Reef Bux) (Prod. By Morpheus)

15. Iím A Ryder (Feat. Morpheus) (Prod. By Morpheus)

16. Like That (Feat. Morpheus) (Prod. By Morpheus)

17. Like A Rapstar (Prod. By Morpheus)

18. King Of The World (Feat. Dame Diggz) (Prod. By Proper T)

19. Ends Tonite (Prod. By Nicki Ski)

20. Precious Love (Prod. By Morpheus)

21. Life So Hard (Feat. Yao) (Prod. By Morpheus)

22. U So (Feat. Will Guiest) (Prod. By Morpheus)

23. Donít Hurt Nobody (Feat. Ben Fly) (Prod. By Morpheus)

24. Ya No What It Be (Prod. By Morpheus)

25. I Go Hard (Feat. Affion Crockett And Inf-1) (Prod. By Morpheus)

26. Time Passing (Feat. Dame Diggz) (Prod. By Morpheus)

27. In My Dreams (Prod. By Joe Black)