Author Topic: Jew Terrorist Irv Rubin declared Brain dead after suicide attempt, Allahu Akbar!  (Read 193 times)

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LOS ANGELES - Relatives and legal representatives of Jewish Defense League leader Irv Rubin called for a full investigation of how he was injured while in federal custody on bomb plot charges. Authorities say he hurt himself in a suicide attempt.


"We want to see the videotapes from inside the jail," Rubin's wife, Shelley, said in a statement Wednesday.

Rubin, 57, was in critical condition at County-USC Medical Center after undergoing a second surgery Tuesday, according to his family. The operation included wiring shut his broken jaw.

Rubin's attorneys said Monday that their client was brain-dead after surgery, but Shelley Rubin said later that brain activity was detected.

Rubin was injured Monday morning hours before he was to appear in U.S. District Court on charges that he and co-defendant Earl Krugel had plotted to bomb a mosque and the office of an Arab American congressman.

Federal officials said Rubin slashed his neck with a prison-issued razor blade and tumbled 18-feet (5.4-meter) over a railing at the federal Metropolitan Detention Center.

The trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 21. U.S. marshal's spokesman Bill Woolsey said it remained to be seen if Rubin would be mentally fit to stand trial.

"I can't comment on that. I think it's up to God," Woolsey said.

FBI (news - web sites) spokeswoman Laura Bosley said interviews with witnesses — including officers and inmates — left no doubt about the cause of Rubin's injuries.

"Without specifying too much, it is still a pending matter, there is nothing to indicate that Mr. Rubin suffered from anything other than self-inflicted wounds," Bosley said.

Shelley Rubin and lawyers representing her husband plan a press conference Thursday to issue their appeal for a full investigation.

"My Irv is a fighter and he will survive this," Shelley Rubin said in the statement.

Rubin and Krugel were arrested Dec. 11 on charges of plotting to bomb the King Fahd mosque in suburban Culver City and an office of Rep. Darrell E. Issa, who is the grandson of Lebanese immigrants.

Rubin and Krugel were arrested after an FBI informant delivered an explosive powder that authorities believed was the last component in making pipe bombs. The charges carry up to 40 years in prison upon conviction.

Rubin, who by his own account has been arrested more than 40 times, joined the JDL early in the 1970s and quickly moved up, becoming chairman in 1985.

The JDL, whose symbol is a raised fist inside a Star of David, has the motto "Never Again," referring to the Holocaust. It was founded in 1968 by Meir Kahane to mount an armed response to anti-Semitic acts in New York City.


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This is a modern day holocaust what is happening in Palestine.


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This is a modern day holocaust what is happening in Palestine.

That statement is just rediculous...How can u even compare...

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This is a modern day holocaust what is happening in Palestine.


man The Palestinian people are 2 times a week goin' in a school bus or in a café & bomb up their selfs & kill 20/30 jewish people each time. I don't like racism, but I hope all the suicide-bombers will burn in hell to !