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the angel deep inside
« on: February 06, 2002, 09:33:12 AM »
I wonder if you looked at him
could you see the angel deep inside
I wonder if you looked at him
could you get past his human side
I wonder if there could be a human angel
that would be a freind to me
Then I lost you and times have changed
now I know what you meant to me
My freinds they lost an angel too
One that reminds me of you
for all the times I died inside
and all the times I cried inside
Have I ever seen an angel dear
just listen to this story here
and you'll know more then you did before
where once the angels like to score
I had a freind he was close to me
we shared a lot of simple things
life was easy when he was around
things were lost and things were found
then one day he disapeared
and all I knew was somewhat fear
for I thought something might have happened to him
and I knew it change my life
when she told me he had died
I know ruthless died inside
for how can it not.when there was an angel at the wheel?
All I know is life is harder then before
so as your birthday comes around
let me tell you lifes lost,not found
not as simple as it was
life truly lost its simple love  
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