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CREDITS: Saigon - Warning Shots 2
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Warning Shots 2
E1/Amalgam, 2009

1. Nothing Comes Easy
Produced by Coleen & Web

2. That's Not Whats Up (ft. G Martin Soul)
Produced by Scram Jones

3. Fatherhood (Rayne Dior) (ft. Lokz)
Produced by Pro Logic

4. All Around The World (ft. G Martin Soul)
Produced by K Salaam & Beatnik

5. For Some Pussy
Produced by Canei & Saigon

6. Cookies & Milk (Introducing Young Boombaya & A.R.)
Produced by Mafioso

7. Be On Time
Produced by Tommy Tee

8. G Optified (Tommy Tee's Theme Sampler)
Produced by Tommy Tee

9. Fuck Me, Fuck You (ft. Quan & Ransom)
Produced by Doc Ish

10. Rusty Gunz (ft. Lil' Fame of M.O.P.)
Produced by Oddisee

11. Aye Aye Aye Nigga
Produced by Buckwild

12. Copping Pleas
Produced by Tommy Tee

13. Who Can Get Busy (ft. Grand Puba)
Produced by Just Blaze

14. For Some Pussy (Remix) (ft. OJ Da Juiceman)
Produced by Canei & Saigon

15. Gotta Believe It
Produced by Just Blaze

16. Saiiiiii Outro
Produced by Scram Jones
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