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CREDITS: K-Rino - Speed of Thought
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Speed of Thought
Plastic Head, 2009

1. Loaded
Produced by Shadow Black

2. Scientific
Produced by Tricksta

3. If You Only Knew (feat. Late)
Produced by Tricksta & Mr. Pinson

4. Too Far
Produced by Eddie Vibez Thomas

5. The Debate
Produced by Mike B

6. Tidal Waves
Produced by Tricksta

7. Tap Out
Produced by Droop

8. Waste Man (feat. Late)
Produced by Tricksta

9. Get That Cash (feat. Kuwait)
Produced by Juttla

10. Handcuffin (feat. Klondike Kat Pimp Game Shane & Pointblank)
Produced by Mr. Hellatight

11. Old School Rippin
Produced by Tricksta

12. You Ain't Neva Done Nothin (feat. Late)
Produced by Tricksta

13. Amnesia
Produced by Bionic

14. Holla At Me
Produced by Keyza Soze

15. Look Around You
Produced by Keyza Soze

16. Knockin Our Hustle
Produced by Dope-E


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is this out yet?