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« on: October 30, 2009, 08:40:19 AM »
Hi there!
i am promoting one of the best romanian hiphop producers.
he is in the game for 9 yares and all of his beats are made in a studio
so the qulity of the beats is insane!

ok il get right to the point
this guy knows what he is doing, he is a talented producer
and if u know what you want he's the right guy for you!
oh and lets not forget about prices... the prices... are amazingly LOW!

he offers you a discount on a whole album... so if u chose 2 do an album with him thats around 15beats u will pay 800 euros!

if  your looking for a single we can help you out with your video. Send us a raw footage , and for a fee of  500 euros , you`ll have a professionally edited 3d video. If you are interested , don`t hesitate to contact me !

the contact is  zerc53 at ymail dot com

thanks, and keep bangn' !