Author Topic: Is this an asshole thing to do?  (Read 533 times)


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Re: Is this an asshole thing to do?
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First let me say that I have worked in the restaurant industry, and tips were a big part of that job.

People that are in any kind of profession that the income is mostly derived from tips, have a sense of entitlement that no matter what, they deserve a tip.  Tipping is optional.  If it were required than it would be in the price of whatever you are ordering.

There are some people who are exceptional at their job.  They give you top notch service and make your experience a good one.  These people are working for their tips.  So if you have these people, bending over backwards for you, and then someone half assing their job, and they both get a tip, then eventually the one who works good is going to figure there is not point in working their ass off, when they can slack off and still get a tip.  In time, the overall service is downgraded for everybody.

Every profession has crappy, average, and exceptional employee's.  An exceptional waiter would know what he is dealing with.  He would know what beers they have.  He would know the menu inside and out.  He would have known right away that they only have Beck's Light and he would have informed you about that before wasting his time bringing it to you.  Also, no matter how busy it gets, an exceptional waiter knows time management.

So were you an asshole?  Was it your mistake?  Did you accidentally tell the waiter you wanted a Beck's Light when you really didn't?  No.  It was 100% his mistake.  No big deal, everyone makes mistakes.  For most customers that mistake alone won't ruin a chance on a tip, but the way he handled it definitely should.  Maybe he will learn from this experience and handle it differently in the future.


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Re: Is this an asshole thing to do?
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Wasn't the tip invented to reward waiters for job well done?
he didn't do his job well enough, why deserve one?



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Re: Is this an asshole thing to do?
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well if I was the female I would have supposrted you and not the waiter.................

and as for being rude,he was one for being an ass..........