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My road...
« on: December 06, 2009, 07:26:52 AM »
My life,
Is it worth anything,
Not to you, to me,
Listen and I'll tell you,
I will take you down my Road,

I sit here cold and alone, thinkin on my own,
Wondering why the fog just clouds my roads,
That I wanna travel down,
Because I'm sick of this town,
An no makeup can hide the frown of a clown,
I trip and I'm fallin,
Life became borin,
Early stages my phases went through em all, torturin,
No more than any other teen rising from the burbs,
Hormone's moanin ugly ducklin never got the birds,
But I stand and stand strong,
Tie my laces up,
Adidas stan smiths was what I had as a cub,
An I'm walkin down the road swingin fightin the mist,
Every path leads out is an oppertunity missed,
Wish I could carry on but I fall back,
No never, wanna rap, fuck retail, perhaps,
My route isn't set, if I change it, great,
So I stumbled toss and tumble, rain, soaks me wet,
I shed clothes like tears through the years I'm confused,
Certificates and degree's but I'm cold of old news,
Wish I would of lived life for me, poverty but happy,
Instead of wishin I was dead, everyday, laugh at me,
If you will, you don't know the struggle against folks,
Who want the best for you, an all you got is hope,
That one day you'll make it big, make a star like Orion,
Maybe its time to quit and live for me, with no lyin,
A lion I considered, a beast, in a pit,
That wants to break free, but can't leap just yet,
I forget the feelin, of happiness and smilin,
Swimmin through life but inside im drownin,
But now I'm standin, walkin down this road, limpin,
Cos injurys are hurtin me, keep rollin, biscuit,
See bitches from my past, an give em back the dagger,
From my back, lower abdomine, pissed off, bladder,
Glad a, never went through wit it, made em one,
But they all gotta peice of my heart when I'm gone,
Platter is silver, lined, for the animals,
Who wanna bite every inch of my body, cannibals,
Mammals who spit like camels in my face,
When I was most needy, textin you... what a waste,
When you used me, all of you abused me, denail,
Mind games in my mind state you infinitly infinitail,
So I push through em can see the finish now,
But cerberus is standin wit a face in triple growl,
Droolin, guardin, I'm starin, barkin,
I'm not guna live no more for you, I'm marchin,
To the beast with my fists, hit em once, then miss,
Swing left, uppercut, dropped the pooch, so butch,
Look back with love, see my brother, in view,
See my parents, with love, I only send to you,
My gratitude, your attitude, perfect, always,
But I gotta clear this road, of all days,
And only he can help me now, I'm stuck in this mess,
Then my road ignites, flames, until there's nothing left...



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Re: My road...
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2009, 07:22:33 PM »
Distressing, lol, but nice stuff.