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I told y'all he was gonna get on the Jerkin tip, it was too big for him to ignore here.

I gotta finish listenin, but it sounds decent so far...not many standout tracks. That Soulja Boy track is weak to me, I can name 4-5 Soulja songs I like waaaay more, which might sound backwards here but it's truth.


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 I still aint heard but i recently got Warren-g's "g-files" and i really like it. I usually would not like an album so saturated with R&B at all and would've hated it in my younger days but the album is so well produced and has a really good feel about it.
 Iam hopeing i'll feel the same way about Snoop's album. Iam expecting to be the sort of album that you'll have to be in the right sort oif mood for, i usually like taht sort of music if iam feeling relaxed or drunk..


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I tried to give it another shot but leaving it in the deck all the way home last night, so I could never get off the first 2 tracks after the intro. I could only play 6 minutes of music for so long but the rest after that is shit.
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well hopefully snoop will stop making music he has no direction for himself he's always saying i could kill everybody lyrically, only thing being killed is snoop from my playlist.being a fan has been horrible since 2000 each album worse then the last.if i wasn't for the chronic,doggystyle,murder was the case (soundtrack),or dogg pound snoop is a laughing joke.

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Only gave the few songs that you all thought were alright a listen so far.  Still need to download this and check the whole album.  The songs you guy's recommend weren't that bad.  Maybe this weekend I'll give it a full listen and let you all know my thoughts..


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secrets is the best thing on this one 4 me


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I love Snoop but I must admit this album sucks Its 100per cent commercial, its sad to see Snoop doin thingz like dat.
Maybe at 40years its the end for him i guess


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It's not as bad as some people are saying. The thing is that it's kinda all over the place, no real vibe. If you compare it to Ego Trippin that had a vibe but Snoop sounded lazy. On this one he sounds more focused and hungry, lots of single potential also. I just wish he did more tracks like "2 Minute Warning", that track right here reminds me why Snoop is my favorite.

Have to give it more spins before I get that final feeling for the album.
that's because you like club music

Kept 3:
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-2 Minute Warning
-Secrets (featuring Kokane)
-Pimpin Ain't EZ (featuring R Kelly)
out of 12
1.7/5 (slightly better than Ego Trippin)

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All this thread needs is long beach iz active to come in the thread and say this album is still better then any crooked i solo album ::)


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This album really is terrible. I think Snoop was good on the mic as far as delivery, flow and still sounded hungry but the album has no direction whatsoever. Just 12 tracks thrown together.


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i haven't heard it but my fav resent snoop album was rhythm and gangsta


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Re: Snoop Dogg - Malice N Wonderland (Discussion Thread Only- no asking for link
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i haven't heard it but my fav resent snoop album was rhythm and gangsta

you like dat smooth shit huh ...


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 I bought the album yesterday, listened to it in my car. Sounded pretty good, yeah not the sort of Snoop album we actually want, but sounded pretty good. Good driving music.
 My biggest critacisim would be how short the album is, too short. Of course it gets a bit soft. Laid back, chill out feel good album.
 Album was well produced, IMO, yeah we'd prefer Snoop to work with differant producers but it is well produced. Oh and Soulja boy isnt as bad as i expected, pretty much sounds like most other south rappers but better than some of them.
 A Soopafly production and/or feature and Warren-G(Snoop and Warren both seem to be on the same sort of music vibe lately/theyre albums were similar soundin(R&B)) would've been nice.
 Gonna give it a more proper listen shortly.
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gave the album another spin.. this Luv Drunk beat is smooth as fuck.. reminds me of something that could have been on Warren G<s last album , Smooth Funky beat!!


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i haven't heard it but my fav resent snoop album was rhythm and gangsta

How old are you?