Author Topic: Eazy E woulda been bigger than Jay Z if he woulda stayed around with The BEPs  (Read 293 times)


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u know Eazy woulda signed Fergie at some point, he signed that other White chick (forgot her name tho).  I think it woulda been possible.... RIP Eazy

*not hatin, but I wonder why Will. I. Am never really put Eazy E/Ruthless Records on when he do his interviews
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He's given them their props. Thing is Eric didn't have the Black Eyed Peas on his label. He had two of them as part of a much different five-member group. I doubt if they stayed at Ruthless that the Peas would ever have existed in their current form but who can say for sure?


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Eazy would have been bigger than Jay Z if he hadn't stayed around the OPs mother
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Only way Eazy woulda been bigga then Jay is if he joined da freemasons first but Eazy ain't no Faggot A$$ sellout ya dig? 8)

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??? I don't know this guy so fuck you!