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Project Paper Clip
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In summary, after WWII, many ex nazi scientists were brought to America and took influential positions within government agencies, cia, nasa, etc.  They were basically given immunity in return for their science and technology.  It is one of the main sources of fascism in America.  Reasearch it Peace.



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some shady business went down for sure :pirate:

who knows what came of all the scientific research and the high level nazis that were smuggled out at the end of WW2 by the US.


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I would say that the US had their fair share of fascists before. Putting Japanese in camps, putting Germans in camps... And beside that, everybody did good business with the Nazis until the Germany declared war. In the end it's more about money and power. Those people on top are a bunch of fucking opportunists that doesn't care about ideology as long as their paper is right. Only a few real fanatics out there, the rest of them just stick with the shot-callers.
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Re: Project Paper Clip
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They were not all fascists either, a lot of those scientists were simply seekers of knowledge. Not all Germans were Nazis, the Nazis didn't gain power through popular vote or support, Hitler rose to power through an emergency powers loop-hole.