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CREDITS: St. Laz - Trash Is The New Hot, Rat Is The New Real
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*official mixtape*

01. Intro
02. Trash Is The New Hot (Prod. by DBetts)
03. Fire Me Up (Prod. by Moscow Mark)
04. Street Runner (Prod. by Blunt)
05. Scandinavian Cake (Prod. by Nu RA)
06. Interlude
07. Big Stakes (Feat. Snyp Lyfe) (Prod. by Sincere Noble)
08. Welcome 2 the Jungle (I Stay Strapped) (Prod. by Tha1ne)
09. Choppin Rocks (Feat. The Boy Bucka) (Prod. by Trakdealaz)
10. What A Life This Is (Feat. Agallah & Cardi) (Prod. by Agallah)
11. Back 2 Back (Feat. Opium)
12. Interlude 2
13. Columbian Bricks (Feat. Blitz) (Prod. by Simon Vegas)
14. Layin Em Down (Feat. Jadakiss) (Prod. by Cookin Soul)
15. Radical (Prod. by Reverse)
16. Money Over Whores (Prod. by DBetts)
17. Wooden Souljah (Skit)
18. Little White Rocks (Feat. Wooden Souljah) (Prod. by DecadeZ)
19. Interlude 3
20. The Black X-Perience (Feat. RH Bless) (Prod. by Casaone)
21. Remember (Prod. by Casaone)
22. Ghetto Life (Prod. by Reverse)
23. Newyork Freestyle (Feat. Jew Dew And Arlis Michaels)
24. Wooden Souljah (Skit)
25. Over (Feat. Wooden Souljah) (Prod. By P. Grimey)
26. Hit Sumtin (Feat. Nique & Opium) (Prod. By Casa One)
27. Interlude 4

International Section:
28. The Epiphany (Feat. Sultano) (Prod. By Casa One)
29. Granit (Feat. Alko) (Prod. By Casa One)
30. World Wide (Feat. Alko) (Prod. By Casa One)
31. Outro