Author Topic: British Admit: Copenhagen Is All About Genocide  (Read 421 times)


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Re: British Admit: Copenhagen Is All About Genocide
« Reply #25 on: December 19, 2009, 01:34:00 PM »
I havent looked into much of this climategate stuff,  from my understanding a few scientists fudged some numbers..  probably to advance their own careers and got caught doing it,  it doesnt take away from the countless hours of research that thousands of qualified scientists have done.  I've seen first-hand the coral bleaching,  without a doubt the atmosphere's temperature is rising..   I admit that the planet naturally goes through periods of heating and cooling, but the rate at which its happening now is unprecedented in known-history..   if reducing carbon emissions can slow the process... then we should be all for it, regardless if its the main cause or not.

There are hopes and fears with anything government institutions do but you are naive of humanity if you think thats what Copenhagen is 'all about'.

I appreciate all the post-modern oligarch nightmare scenarios being put forward on here and the wider inter-webs, but having less people won't solve the problem of energy consumption. The real issue is how we get and use our energy.

Tbh the developed world is so wasteful its probably more down to using whats necessary and being more efficient than mass genocide.


Agreed, but only up to a certain point. Even if we maximize the efficiency of farming etc the population is doubling every 40 years... eventually it wont matter how efficient we are.

Technology will likely continue to advance until pretty much the end of human existence. Eventually we should be able to convert energy with 100% efficiency (Zero Point Energy/Perpetual Motion).  E=MC^2. We’ll be able to convert matter into pure energy and vice versa. When this happens, our options are pretty much infinite..  we’ll be able to make food out of thin air.. and potentially terra-form new planets. Probably allowing our species to reproduce and expand indefinetly. I just have no idea how long it'l take for our tech to advance that far..

The problem right now is providing food for 7 billion people, and the population is doubling roughly every 40 years.   No amount of nuclear power can provide the nutrients required to feed the population we have.. or are going to have in the next century. We’d have to cover the Earth in green houses

Then you don't understand the significance of the east anglian institute they are essentially one of the very few central institutions which the other institutions relied upon for their information. What it illustrates is manipulating the data, withholding the data, deleting data, all criminal actions and if they are found guilty in court, then they need to do some serious prison time.,

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Re: British Admit: Copenhagen Is All About Genocide
« Reply #26 on: December 19, 2009, 07:12:18 PM »
Yes but virtuoso the science on what CO2 does to the Earth and how it works is kinda basic and has been around for ages.

Science knows how plants absorb CO2, how rocks absorb it and the effect it has on heating the Earth, after that there is a lot of estimation as to how much, etc.

This 'climate' gate has done nothing, of course scientists need to select data that is appropriate to politicians.

But what I like about the alternative post-modern critiques like 'Fall of the Republic' is that it highlights how easily manipulation does and can occur. I see it like this:

science is like the bible, its there for whoever can be bothered to read it or do it themselves,
but like the Bible before the Reformation it is only able to be read by a few people, therefore it is easier to manipulate its affect on society.

And peoples jobs are becoming more and more specialized, so people don't always develop a well-rounded understanding on different areas.

Control by some over others is inevitable, because we depend on each other to all do different things.

You realize that there is always people...and growing. Some are born and some are dying....

and People always have the same needs, food luxury, etc

but the Planet's needs are not like ours...there is an ecosystem and solar-system that maintains the conditions for life on this planet.

Pushing everybody toward renewable energy is about long-term survival and renewable infrastructure.

Whether it was engineered this way or not, there will be starvation and death with or without a binding international treaty on carbon emissions...even if the globalist leaders do nothing, the same world problems will remain unsolved if they do nothing and considered only their short-sighted national sovereignty -then nothing would ever happen....and we will eventually go down divided squandering our potential amongst each other until the climate shifts by whatever cause you believe....

But doing something is far-sighted.

My fear is that greed and pointless cruelty is masquerading behind genuinely creating for the Earth & the whole of Humanity.

Over the past decade humankind has turned inward to look in on itself, become focused upon itself...

...when we are a speck in the sea of the Universe.

Astronomers are growing optimistic about there being thousands of other Earth-like planets.
If we can thrive and bubble with brilliance upon this world in harmony with ourselves and the environment we can venture.

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