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switch to decafe my equals, and it's y'all faults for pump'n up a name drop'n bill walton in the first place h1haha, average talent with excellent producers can fool alot of people in to believing someone is better then they actually are,don't worry it happens to the best of us hahaha yell

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BOX5 the best poster on this site yell

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i swear my west coast fans are funny as fucc, i still laugh how yall over pump the dogfather album as well as da, bill waltons i tell you yell
got a good woman at home,& this broad i smashed be-foe
but in my dome i'm think'n will it be good as be-foe
ring finger says, to don't pursue it,the "k-9" in me says
"ain't-nothing-to-it, but-to-do-it"/
but if we bang and i get caught OH-BOY-YA!/
i pray to god the wife don't get kelis or elin's lawyer