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Ja rule and Dmx beef....other news
« on: November 24, 2002, 03:02:05 AM »
In the wake of all the drama that's been impacting Hip Hop, DC based writer Alan Page took serious issue with the Russ Parr morning show the other day when they attempted to instigate Ja Rule and get him to scream on DMX. As was reported several weeks ago, a meeting between the pair at the Def Jam offices was not pretty. Security had to be beefed up. Fortunately, the two rivals have attempted to not let things escalate. I guess the Russ Parr Morning show didn't get the memo because they went all out on their show which prompted an open letter response from Alan C Page.
Dear Russ Parr Morning Show...

Why are you all promoting more conflict between black men? Why don't you ask Ja Rule what he can do WITH DMX to improve the conditions of the BLACK neighborhoods they both come from? Why don't you all take that time and try to set up some benefit concerts with Ja Rule where the money can go to the community? Or better yet, why not just focus on the artistic achievements of Ja himself and ask him about his new album, his new film, and so on?

his is just more of the same media hype that got the whole Bad Boy/Death Row beef up to outrageous proportions. Now, if the situation gets critical, will YOU ALL be the ones to carry Ja Rule or DMX's coffin, to pay to take care of Ja's children, to console their parents, and so on? This is the most ridiculous thing ever, you guys sitting egging out a black man to disrespect another black man when we have all these issues in the community that could be discussed. This isn't entertaining radio, it's an insult to the intelligence of the black people in Washington DC and you all should be ASHAMED that you are promoting this NONSENSE.


Alan C Page

The offensive interview was apparently sent around for listeners to hear with the subject heading JA RULE CLOWNS DMX...The link to the interview is being included at the request of Alan so folks can hear what he was responding to and why he found Russ and his crew to be out of line.

Alan notes that the MP3 was the height of ignorance...they were literally BEGGING Ja Rule to say something bad about DMX. How ridiculous is that? Why not plead with him to comment on Bush's lack of a plan to address the problems in black America?..mmmm thats something to think about..
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Re:Ja rule and Dmx beef....other news
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2002, 04:47:11 AM »
To be honest I agree with this guy. I know battling is a large part of hip-hop but there's a difference between battling and beefing and this is beefing, just like the 2Pac and Biggie thing was. I'm getting tired of all these pathetic beefs personally, it causes hip-hop too much agro, and for what, record sales? And then we all wonder why hip-hop gets so much bad press and negativity, it ain't like people are trying to stop it. It's quite pathetic really because with all the war going on in the world we should all be trying to come together and hip-hop is a perfect place to start.

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