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CREDITS: Mav - Pages From My Rhymebook
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1. Micadvancement (feat. Angel De Luna)
Produced by Infulence Beats

2. Rockin In The Club
Produced by Aktion Beats

3. Finally Made It

4. Still Love Ya (feat. S Snypez & Don Profit)
Produced by Jim B

5. Fly Away (feat. Cristina And B Staks)
Produced by Luke Flytalker

6. Quick Money (feat. Mc Eiht, West Coast Kam & Trap)
Produced by Aktion Beats

7. Cant Take My Shine
Produced by Young Fizz

8. Yellow Smoke
Produced by Diaz Millenia

9. 102 Bars
Produced by Mustafa Beats

10. Ounce In A Night (feat. Cipo & Dro Pesci)
Produced by Aktion Beats

11. Live From Da Cypha (feat. Random, James Cyphurphace, Phallic & Flloyd Write)
Produced by Diaz Millenia

12. Thats Right
Produced by Tscott

13. Money On My Mind (feat. Knawledg & Destined)
Produced by R O B from The Toy Box Crew

14. Like Father Like Son (feat. Chino D)
Produced by Ap3

15. Ring The Alarm (feat. Cristina)
Produced by Diaz Millenia

16. Outro
Produced by Aktion Beats

Free LP, 2009