Author Topic: Cypress Hill new album RISE UP in stores in April (video shoot pics inside)  (Read 275 times)


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Dogg Ly Dogg

LOOKS CRAZY! cant wait


Good news, i hope the producer credits leak soon so we can see finally know who's makin' the beats.

Trip Dee

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doesn't muggs make them?


doesn't muggs make them?

Nah, he said he only gonna be producin' a few tracks on this new album. B-Real said he and whoever is in Audio Hustlas are makin' some beats and i think they got one beat from DJ Premier. I have a feelin' that the usual SA affiliates (Fredwreck, DJ Khalil & The Alchemist) will be producin' on it too.


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dope pictures!  8) Look at the face of xzibit! lol cracks me up


you gon always be my latin queen bitch

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for real ^^^^lol
but nah hopefully its some c hill type shit...bring it back
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should be a dope record..