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War & Quake
« on: January 23, 2010, 09:23:06 AM »
We all have opinions, about our wars abroad, even though, we have never really seen those wars. Our knowledge of the wars is limited to images of fighter jets and helicopters flying, aircraft carriers on the high seas, tanks and personnel carriers advancing, troops charging, troops deploying and troops returning.
We don't see the images, of those unfortunate to be on the receiving end of our firepower? And neither, are we allowed to see our dead and injured?
How can we understand and have an informed opinion of the war, if we don't see the results of real war? How can we really know, how we really feel, if we never see the decapitated heads, torn limbs, burst open stomachs, crushed skulls, dead pregnant women, burnt or rotting bodies and the grief stricken victims?
Those in charge of 'informing' us, tell us, the images are 'too sensitive' for viewers? The images are not suitable for 'family' tv? Out of 'respect' for the deceased and injured or their families, the images can't be shown?
Yet, those very same news networks, have no problem, enthusiatically showing us very graphic images from the Haiti quake? They don't think, the very graphic images from the quake are 'too sensitive' for viewers? Or that the very graphic images, are not suitable for 'family' tv? And they dont deny us, the very graphic images, out of respect for the deceased and injured or their families?
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