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CREDITS: Stacee Adamz - Katharsis
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01. Katharsis Intro

02. Feels Good To Be A G
[Prod. By Phonix]

03. Late Nite Ridiní
[Prod. By J. Wells]

04. Save Me
[Prod. By Phonix]

05. West Up (Feat. Game)
[Prod. By Rocko]

06. Dryd Up
[Prod. By Prince And Purps]

07. Notorious (Feat. Bianca Diane)
[Prod. By Nyce]

08. Real Recognize Real (Feat. Big Fase 100 And Phenom)
[Prod. By Track Team]

09. Thatís Fresh
[Prod. By Prince And Purps]

10. L.A. Is My Lady (Feat. Ras Kass)
[Prod. by Veterano]

11. California (Feat. Freddy Kaine)
[Prod. By Track Team]

12. Cold World
[Prod. By DJ Khalil]

13. Ras Kass Interlude

14. Monsta (Feat. Bamboo)
[Prod. By Track Team]

15. You Can Fly
[Prod. By Track Team]

16. Get It Wet
[Prod. By Phonix]

17. Pardon My French (Feat. Ras Kass)
[Prod. By Alpha]

18. Money Hungry
[Prod. By Chuck Heat]

19. Krazy (September 7th Remix) (Feat. Hux Fam)
[Prod. By Timbaland]

20. Say Somethiní (September 7th Remix) (Feat. Hux Fam)
[Prod. By Timbaland]

21. Black Roses
[Prod. by Black Key]

22. Jonesín (Feat. Jay McCrary)
[Prod. By Prince And Purps]

23. Iím Tha King
[Prod. By Phonix]

24. Katharsis Outro
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