Author Topic: I AM THIS CLOSE, a centimeter from index and thumb, TO FUCKIN' A HOMO CHICK UP  (Read 1152 times)


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man some people don't want to leave though,I mean it sounds like she likes him,or wants to fight him

and QT unlike a lot of the guys on here is a true gentleman.............


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LOL... i had a problem like this in my school days, not quiet as extreme as QTs bitch problem tho.. but she was some large chick who had a shit attitude and use to walk around thinking she was untouchable and always trying to hang with us and follow us around like a retard sheep.. anyone one day i just had enough snaped and went mad at her, clowned and exposed her ass to everyone etc, then after that she just disappeared and left us alone.. BUT the downside to that was like 3/4 days after that i got jumped by her 3 brothers in a park lol.. mother fuckas, but i still think i did the right thing tho. fuck a bitch!

Lol It must've been worth it


haha like i said i clowned her ass badly, so i always kinda knew they'd be repercussions from it.. but fuck it her brothers were bitchs anyway, they didnt even do me over bad, i remember walking away laughin  8)


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lmao I c............. ;)


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i hope she doesnt turn round and fuck you up  :P
She could be one of those girls that knows how to fight lol
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hey I been bit by a barking dog.................

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my boy QT probably caught a case and doing hard time.


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^ He was still posting after that, dude probably just got tired of the forum like a lot of other people. Hopefully.


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i wonder what songs i posted

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