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And thats real..
« on: December 01, 2002, 12:56:44 AM »
Keystyle-And thats real...
my age 1-7(one seven), help me lord i got misdirected from heaven//
Age is a subtitle which is used wit discretement//
Dont give a fuck bout others mistreatment//
Right now im only concerned wit myself//
Plottin' on how im gonna increase wit some wealth//
And fuck welts, cuz ive had enough pain for 5 lifetimes//
Hold my gat while my team follow wit bright-nines//
I write-rhymes, try to remain focused//
Swarm like a bunch of starvin' locusts//
Hocus pocus, ya'll kickin up dust?//
@ss@SSin Mutha fucka you bitches cant be down wit us//
And thats real//
Treat you cats like a cap, i gotta peel//
Drug deal, usage take away the pain//
But im feelin trapped, cuz i got a hole in my brain//
But i  gotta maintain, to the best way i know how//
I aint concerned wit my future, im concerned wit now//
Endo smoke till i choke, then im passin'//
The cops come, i run my mouth, i get harrassed then//
Im trapped then, know way out, in to deep//
Wonder if my body gonna turn up in a trash heep//
And thats real//
I dont know i was just fucking around no real purpose, just writin', write off this verse if you want



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Re:And thats real..
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That was some nice shit man.. Thought it was deep!


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Re:And thats real..
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Re:And thats real..
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decent spit 8)



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Re:And thats real..
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yer felt it, very nice flow and it was basically tight.

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Re:And thats real..
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nice flow
The Titans, also known as the elder gods, ruled the earth before the Olympians overthrew them. The ruler of the Titans was Cronus who was de-throned by his son Zeus. Most of the Titans fought with Cronus against Zeus and were punished by being banished to Tartarus