Author Topic: Crazy Pac Div Freestyle!! (These cats are the best MCs in the rapgame)  (Read 93 times)


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Mibbs and Be Young be killin that shit. Seriously these cats shitting on the hole rapgame right now. Tell me 1 MC who spits like Mibbs and be Young?

Lil Jay

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dubcc still needs to catch up when it comes to pac div...things gonna change when they drop 'dont mention it'  8) - west coast news network  | - independent west coast hip hop network

BOX5 the best poster on this site yell

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dope group and can spit yes the best not in my eyes yell
got a good woman at home,& this broad i smashed be-foe
but in my dome i'm think'n will it be good as be-foe
ring finger says, to don't pursue it,the "k-9" in me says
"ain't-nothing-to-it, but-to-do-it"/
but if we bang and i get caught OH-BOY-YA!/
i pray to god the wife don't get kelis or elin's lawyer