Author Topic: I think for this year's Dubbys, we should add the Elano of the Year award...  (Read 554 times)

the ghost

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This is a complete Elanure.  I vow to never listen to a shade sheist song until this injustice is rectified!


i don´t need any medicate shit im 100 normal.


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let's start a petition!


Well, Shade can't be blamed for this directly.

He complained about me blacklisting the term "" after I got tired of him posting it 200-300 times in the main section.
I removed the term on Rud's request, but I'm thinking an admin reviewed the "Censored Words" list and found fail = Elano redundant, lol.

LOL @ Shade Sheist catching feelings because nobody checks his shit no matter how many links he puts up.

I wnder what reality show he'll end up on to try to revive his career :D

Leggy Hendrix

i demand it be brought back!Who the fuck is the person that switched it?

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dude im baning you mother over here in eu. but im not a white,brown,black,yellow etc. im your nightmare



the ghost

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Fuck a Shade Sheist and his 2,000 albums sold ass.