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Re: ''How High'' Method Man & Redman... 3 versions??!
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Original version is the one on "The Show" OST and the remix was on "Blackout". Remix with"Triumph" beat is NOT real, it's fan made.

Word.   The Show soundtrack came out around late 95/early 96.   That was the origional version.  I bought that soundtrack at the beginning of summer 96, because they tricked me into thinking that Dre and Snoop had tracks on there when really it was just a quote of theirs excerpted from the movie, lol.   I thought I was ripped off, and "How High" was the only track I was really bumpin after I first bought it.   

But now I consider it the greatest hip-hop soundtrack of all-time.  It still stays in my rotation even after all these years.
this thread isnt about you or 1996. seriously though, youve got problems

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Re: ''How High'' Method Man & Redman... 3 versions??!
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Hahah, actually i also bought the album because i thought those skits were songs. I was suspectin them to be interludes though, cause of those quotation marks in the titles.

Yeah, I wondered if anyone else had made the same mistake.  I didn't really notice the quotations, and I think Def Jam purposely made it that way to confuse buyers.  The album looked great in stores with all those big names on one album, it was sure to catch any hip-hop fans attention.  Then you get home and find out that several of those tracks were just quotes and not actual songs.

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Re: ''How High'' Method Man & Redman... 3 versions??!
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I did the same thing when I got it.  I thought there were Dre and Snoop songs on it.  Bastids.