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xxclusive interview (my ass )
« on: January 10, 2002, 09:47:13 PM »
well i got this by mail , just wanna share this bullshit with ya,ll  ;D

Admist the arrival of Jiggas's new Blueprint lp, sits down with Jay Z to discuss the 9/11 incident, Cam'ron and the recent beefs he's had with rappers Prodigy and Nas....
RM: Hello Jay

Jay Z: What up man.

RM: You've been sayin in a "freestyle" that your albums dropped the same day as the Twin Towers which is true, that mustve been very weird for you as it was for the rest of America. How did you feel when those planes hit?

Jay Z: Well, my initial reaction was that Nas and P had hijacked planes and crashed the Towers...

RM: What?

Jay Z: HOLLA!..yeah, I mean, did you hear Takeover? After that, I figured they musta been thinkin, hell the only way people wont hear this is if somethin big happens dunn so lets do somethin to get peoples attention away from Jay. When the planes hit, it was crazy because I was sittin on my $900,000 toilet, and Bleek comes screamin, Hova, look at the tv! I knew it was serious because he had his hat on the right way. First thing come in my mind is damn, P an Nas must really hate me.

RM: Uhhhh....okay. Let's move onto something else.

Jay Z: Fa shizzle.

RM: Well since you brought up P and Nas, seeing how the Biggie/Pac incident ended up, what are your thoughts on beef?

Jay Z: It's like, why are people tryin to do this? I got a new album droppin in 2 weeks that....

RM: wait, you have a new album coming out next week?

Jay Z: yeah, I aint figured out a title yet, but alot of cats been dissin me beside P and Nas. I mean, all those underground rappers with their battle raps, theyre talkin about me. Im the greatest man, so whenever someone says somethin like that, it must be aimed at me. You feel me?

RM:Uh, yeah...

Jay Z: I mean, you even got people bitin off of Blueprint already man. I was the first rapper to use a sample. I was right there in the lab with Grandmanster Flash, I told him how to sample, Im the Blueprint. I was one of the first rappers to have a chain on, and the first to use a Dj, now everybody bitin the God.

RM: What about..

Jay Z: Hold up, I run this rap **** man. I mean look at Beanie and Bleek, you really think there are any rappers better than them besides me?

RM: You really want me to answer that?

Jay Z: I see the hate in your eyes, you want my chain, I held ya'll down six summers, and I cant get no love(Jay tears up). I mean, damn, it's like, I make songs that are so dope, you should thank god for everday I exist, and all I get is hate...

RM: Uh, alright Jay?

Jay Z: Im fine, keep goin, I got **** to do, hurry this up, I gotta go pick Bleek up at the mall.

RM: What do you say to people who say you used Nas as a selling point for your album?

Jay Z: Man dead that. I remember when I was lookin for P's kiddie pictures, I saw a pic of Nas in a school. Please man, when he was in school I was pushin weight, he acts like he's from the streets, but he was readin books, come on street ****** dont read books. So all that knowledge he tries to kick is wack.

RM: What's wrong with knowledge?

Jay Z: Once again, I was doin that back in 88, I was right there with Chuck D writin his raps for him man. Im the Blueprint.

RM: Do you really expect anyone to believe that?

Jay Z: R-O-C stop.

RM: What?!

Jay Z: That means slow up, it's another slogan I invented, like that we will rock you **** they do at sports games, I invented that ****, im their Blueprint, Ya heard me.

RM: Moving on Jay, how do you feel about the state of hip hop right now?

Jay Z: State of hip hop? Come on man, why you askin me about the state of hip hop when im still rappin? It's like askin, whats the state of a Bentley that I just bought. It makes no sense, if the Bentley is in my care, it's in the best condition it could possibly be in.

RM: What, im not sure that makes much sense, but...

Jay Z: Hold on, all through this interview you've been dissin me. Subliminally man, I see through you, you just as fake as Nas.

RM: How am I dissing you?

Jay Z: The hate man, the hate. The way you talk, the way you address me as Jay Z and not Hova the God, you're disrespectful to the ruler, now finish this up.

RM: What happened with Amil?

Jay Z: Hold up woadie..

RM: Woadie?

Jay Z: Yeah, woadie, its a new word im going to introduce to hip hop, like I did with "Holla", And like I did with retro jerseys. Im fashions Blueprint, who you think told Russell Simmons to make Phat Farm?

RM: But didnt Cash Money start sayin Woadie, and Outkast start the retro jersey thing?

Jay Z: We dont believe you, you need more people.


Jay question.

RM: what do you think about people sayin you reuse Biggie's lines to mch?

Jay Z: They need to get off the notorius Shawn Carter's penis before I squeeze and bust.

RM: ....?

Jay Z: Come on man, I knew Biggie, I was the one who told him to do everything he did. I was like, yo man, you should start eatin alot and call yourself Biggie. Then I..

RM: Aight hold up, do really think anyone will believe you actually told Biggie to get big before he rapped?

Jay Z: I know they wont, they always doubt Hovito. But i'll never change, im a Renegade.

RM:Speaking of that song, some people say Em outshined you.

Jay Z: Im past the level Em's on. I was rappin about crazy sh1t back in 88.

RM: Why are you so obsessd with 1988?

Jay Z: Because I couldve retired then, but I kept makin sh1t, i was supposed to retire in 86, but I cant leave rap alone the game needs me.


Jay Z: Uh uh uh uh uh...Holla!

RM: So whats the deal with Camron?

Jay Z: He's gonna be on the Roc. Dame's teachin him how to make triangles with his hands, aand puttin him thorugh intensive classes on dancing with champagne bottles in your hand.

RM:What does that have to do with rapping?

Jay Z: Cam is like me, im blessed man. I just stand in front of the mic and words come out, I never write sh1t down. Sometimes I cant even control it, even when im not rappin, i'll walk past a grocery store and go in and just buy sh1t, and when I get home it's exactly what I want. Im blessed, and I see that in Cam.

RM:...Well Jay it's been uhh..memroable, thanks for the interview.

Jay Z: Aight dunn.

RM: *thinkin to self* Dunn?

Jay Z: Stop whisperin and pisperin and get out. R-O-C-Stop. R-O-C-Stop
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Re: xxclusive interview (my ass )
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2002, 10:37:14 PM »
lmao that was funny shit:D
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Re: xxclusive interview (my ass )
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2002, 02:03:08 AM »
LMAO haha that wuz pathetic

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