Author Topic: Disko "Disktrumental 1" (no lyrics) music for grown folkz and ladies!!  (Read 181 times)


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Me in my guitar player in the studio on, we put this together 15 mins ago for yall, still new west and inglewood bitch haaa!!

Disko "Disktrumental 1" (no lyrics) music for grown folkz and ladies


thanxx i like it,good 2 chill 2


sounds good, u usually got some dope musik to vibe 2. keep it up

From playing a guy in a wheelchair...

to playing rapper overnight!

check out my beats on youtube

EP comin soon...


dope, u need to work with these guitars again...


Propz - your beats are always tight to listen to :)


very cool :bandit:

BOX5 the best poster on this site yell

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but if we bang and i get caught OH-BOY-YA!/
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