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Common (Sense) Discography Discussion
« on: June 06, 2010, 11:11:23 PM »
I'm going to make my reviews for each album concise.  Hope you kinda enjoy reading this!  And share your opinions too, Common's probably my favorite east coast rapper and he's definitely a top 5/ top 10 MC of all time.

"Can I Borrow A Dollar"- 3.75/5

Decent debut, not really feelin' the early 90's sound but others would probably like it

"Resurrection"- 5/5

I Used to Love H.E.R.  Nuff' said.  Greatest hip hop song of all time IMO.  Rest of the album is absolutely fantastic as well, and I was especially impressed with Common's wordplay on Communism.  From a lyricism point of view, this album is revolutionary.  The beats are all classics, gives you that 1994 feel (well it was made in 1994 :p)  

"One Day It'll All Make Sense"- 4.75/5

Very mature album by Common.  Beats are mostly raw but there are some soft, but classic ones like G.O.D. and Retrospect For Life.  I thought that it was a slight step down from "Resurrection," but I understand that it's hard to do better than that.  Great follow-up album.

"Like Water For Chocolate"- 5/5

Love the sound on this album a lot, beats are fantastic.  Common's lyricism is always good and they're very soulful throughout the album.  

"Electric Circus"- 3.5/5

The additional .5 is for the effort, very "abstract" music for me; don't really think it fits Common at all.  Some songs were actually kinda cool, Come Close was my favorite song.  And the music video for Come Close is one of the most creative music videos I've ever seen, very touching.

"Be"- 5/5
Another soulful album, really love it.  Kanye had some great beats, Jay Dee had a few classics especially with It's Your World- deep emotional song.  And Common stepped up lyrically in comparison to Electric Circus.  Favorites include the Jay Dee song, and Love Is..., Be, The Corner, The Food, basically the whole album.

"Finding Forever"- 4/5

Some beats were too mellow and boring.  I know Kanye tried to chop the samples like Jay Dee did, but Kanye didn't pick good samples that could complement each other.  The album lacked the cohesiveness that was on his past albums.  Even Electric Circus had a cohesive sound.  Common's lyricism was inconsistent and a bit corny on some tracks, which is very surprising.  Overall, it's a "grower" type of album.

"Universal Mind Control"- 2.5/5

Ugh, this was a weird one.  Now I could see that Common wanted to experiment in 2002 with Electric Circus, but again with this?  Not sure what he was thinking here.  A few songs are OK, but I skipped the majority of the songs on this album.  Not really for me, but it appeals to other teenagers who like that mainstream hip-pop sound (yes I am a teenager by the way, but I'm not a huge fan of pop music infused with hip hop.)  And Changes is by far the best song of this album, and then Make My Day and maybe Punch Drunk Love (kinda good, gotta admit it.)

Any thoughts?

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Re: Common (Sense) Discography Discussion
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2010, 01:42:56 AM »
Since when was Common an East Coast rapper? Chicago is in the Mid-West.

Can I Borrow A Dollar? 3.5/5
Resurrection 5/5
One Day It'll All Make Sense 4.5/5
Like Water For Chocolate 4.5/5
Electric Circus 3/5
Be 5/5
Finding Forever 4/5
Universal Mind Control 3/5

Common is in my Top 10 all time. Just an amazing MC and artist.


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Re: Common (Sense) Discography Discussion
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2010, 04:49:15 AM »
whoops sorry my bad, I meant to say Midwest  ;D


Re: Common (Sense) Discography Discussion
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2010, 05:07:08 AM »

Common is in Top 10 all time. Just an amazing MC and artist.

this form is the correct!  ;)


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