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CREDITS: Travie McCoy - Lazarus
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Travie McCoy
Fueled By Ramen, 2010

1. "Dr. Feel Good" (feat. Cee-Lo Green)
Produced by The Smeezingtons

2. "Superbad (11:34)"
Produced by DJ Frank E & Wes Borland

3. "Billionaire" (feat. Bruno Mars)
Produced by The Smeezingtons

4. "Need You"
Produced by Lucas Secon

5. "Critical" (feat. Tim William)
Produced by Andrew "Drew" Correa

6. "Akidagain"
Produced by Infamous

7. "We'll Be Alright"
Produced by The Smeezingtons & The Stereotypes

8. "The Manual" (feat. T-Pain & Young Cash)
Produced by Hannon Lane

9. "After Midnight (It'll Burn)"
Produced by Josh Abraham & Oligee

10. "Don't Pretend" (feat. Colin Munroe & Travis Barker)
Produced by Chad Beatz

iTunes bonus track:
11. "She Did It"
Produced by Travie McCoy


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If anyone has this album and wants to look in the booklet for samples and such, please do. I didn't want to waste more of my precious time on that terrible booklet.