Author Topic: THE NEW SLAVERY BILL!! H.R.5741 Universal National Service Act , PROCLAIM YOUR N  (Read 212 times)


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Tonight we will discuss the latest ploy to subjugate individual U.S. Citizens into the concentration camps with forced mandatory labor. If you do nothing else, proclaim your Nationality! Don't miss this show!!!!!!!!


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fuck you


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HR 5741 will never pass, ever. It always gets killed in votes. It's a vanity bill. The point is to show that if these wars are so important then the whole nation should serve in them or we should end the wars, but no one will ever vote for it, because a) we can't afford a draft and b) there's no real need for a draft, because the economy is so bad that the military has a huge pool of unemployed to draw from.


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Look, I have shit that's way more important than this to focus on right now. Like my vacation to New England in the fall. Have you seen the rates for a B&B in New Hampshire during mid October?!?!? Rape I say. Rape.