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Re: 2Pac OG's, Rare & Unreleased Tracks
« Reply #120 on: August 08, 2013, 07:17:26 AM »
I am not sure if this is the right place to be asking, but on the subject of unreleased Pac tracks, I've been trying to track down the different versions of Makaveli & Dillinger for years.  I've read about all the different versions and the one I have has the 1) Wake Up Intro 2) Don't Go To Sleep with Daz and Kurupt 3) Let's Fight 4) They Don't Give a Fuck About Us which is unmastered 5) First 2 Bomb 6) I'm Dumpin 7) First 2 Bomb original/unmastered 8) Don't Go 2 Sleep original/unmastered...

Anyone have anything else?  I believe mine is what's been dubbed version 1 which is the most widely available and apparently in poor quality.

For anyone who knows all about this, does anyone have the other versions?

I remember hearing various incarnations throughout the years but haven't been able to find them all, even remember a version of lets fight remixed by Mike Dean which was so much doper than the one Daz did.

Have you ask this 2month ago, I'll had provide you with all the versions. I downloaded all of them .zip files from a Tupac stan forum: there was a thread with all the infos from those different versions of that bootleg. Until recently, I went through all of them, & delete them files after giving it a listen. Not much to tell about them: differences were in the tracklisting (more/less tracks)


Re: 2Pac OG's, Rare & Unreleased Tracks
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